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Worst of the Time Lords

In space, nobody can hear you cry into your pillow.

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80s, Pretty in Pink
reaperfox wrote in doctorwhy
Wot, no bananas?

... That? Would totally be what would happen to me if I had some of that.

Only mine would have a list of everything I should really be doing.

"You're concept art and storyboards?"

Ahaha, clever as always. I recently discovered these and looked through all of them - thank you for making them. I love the art style and they make me happy. Poking fun at Doctor Who as only someone who knows and loves it can.

Anyway, neato. The Doctor just goes with it. Heh.

I let out a huge, loud, retard-style guffaw at this. It was awesome. YOU WIN.

And jellybabies. But apart from that=WIN!

Nah, I bet he's got a room full of Banana trees in the TARDIS. And they're each in their own time bubble, so once one's harvest season is over, another's is just starting. :nod:

Oh God, over two yers later and this one is funny all over again now that the Doctor has actually pulled out the wrong bit of paper when trying to confuse an enemy.