Worst of the Time Lords

In space, nobody can hear you cry into your pillow.

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Ew, hand jam. That sounds so wrong in so many ways!

(Deleted comment)
It should be. It's definitely going to become the first thing I think of.

Poor Doctor and his jam legs :(

Best icon/comment combi ever.


EDIT. No, make that leggy-jam. XD

Edited at 2010-03-10 08:54 am (UTC)

Is that the very strange man from Torchwood 2 ?!?

*falls over laughing*

Yes it is. That guy just won't go away!

(what flavor would that be?!?)

It would be Awesome Flavor. Because that's what the Doctor's made of.
That, and jam.

I'm seeing a delightful Dr Who / Happy Noodle Boy crossover developing in my mind....

Well, it'll certainly make chase scenes much more interesting...

Ew @ the alt!text, awesomeness @ the Doctor's face. : D

Lol, yes, that needs to be canon.

I love you, Doctor.

Even if you are made of jam. :9

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