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Worst of the Time Lords

In space, nobody can hear you cry into your pillow.

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80s, Pretty in Pink
reaperfox wrote in doctorwhy

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I heart you and the Doctor :D :D Win.

love your icon :D what an idiot indeed....
and I thoughu it was tea

Hahahahahahahahahaha <3 ILY.

you soooo win at everything!!

Oh. My god. IT'S SO TRUE.

He looks like my icon in this picture!!!

You have the David Tennant caricature perfect!!

Thanks for confirming it, Ten! I always suspected that!

i knew it!

p.s. this is rather brilliant.

This is my favourite one so far. Much win.

It's either that or the Time Lords' time theory is not meant to be understood by our puny human brains.

...My vote is still for the first choice. XD

Love this comic. ♥

SO my favourite so far. You totally nailed his face.

I don't imagine nails in his face could make his mood any worse, actually.

Ow... I laughed so hard I made my chest hurt. Poor Ten, rabbitting on like he knows what he's talking about...




i think i love you.

hehe, this is great. i've always wondered if that would happen

First-time reader-commenter: I'm astounded. looks like more than one of us has the same theory involving rubber bands and time. Well, sort of. Well... I use a ball of rubber bands as a metaphor for time and toss out the timey-wimey entirely, but still...
How very insane.

Wonder if anybody'll use it. It's a perfectly servicable metaphor...

My kitty loves it when I tickle his wibbly-wobbly tummy-wummy.

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