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Worst of the Time Lords

In space, nobody can hear you cry into your pillow.

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Worst of the Time Lords
lazenich wrote in doctorwhy
"Though it does have a certain ring to it...", said the Doctor, not even caring about ontological paradoxes.

And with this, Worst of the Time Lords is following noble webcomic traditions and going on an ill-defined hiatus for a while. There'll no doubt be more updates before too long - though whether they'll be sporadic or regular has yet to be decided - but for the moment your LJ friends list will be a far more cheerful place.

I'd use the First Doctor quote about coming back some day here, but I did that a couple of months ago and that makes it less poignant, especially given that I also quote it in its entirety to anyone nearby every time I go to use the bathroom.

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...but for the moment your LJ friends list will be a far more cheerful place.

This is a lie.

I will miss you, oh permanently-depressed Time Lord. Do not get attacked, imprisoned, or retconed while you are away!

(Deleted comment)
Awwww. We'll miss you, come back soon.

It's better than 'Alons-y'. :p

Aw! Now I'm tempted to re-write Doctor in Distress to get you to come back sooner! D: AND NO ONE WANTS THAT!

"for the moment your LJ friends list will be a far more cheerful place"

Make that "far less cheerful".

I genuinely did LOL at the "Geronimo" reference.

Thanks for the ride! Enjoy your breaks, you've more than earned them.

If you come back, will Eleven be taking over? I think that would be fitting...

Nooooo. Somehow depressed Eleven just wouldn't be as good as our beautifully depressed Ten.

I agree. But I could definitely see possibilities for angry!Eleven.

This comic was a fun read, I can't wait to see what you do next. (Oh also, I found the comic through TVTropes, if you keep track of such things.

Aww, my friends list will be filled with cheer, and happiness.

Well that's no fun.

NOOOOOOO!!!! No going away allowed!!!

You know what always bothered me about the library story?

River Song doesn't meet the Doctor until his 11th incarnation, right?

So she shouldn't be all pissy that the 10th Doctor doesn't recognize her, especially after Donna introduces herself. I would have loved River had she not spent both episodes moping over the Doctor and treating him like he'd been cheating on her when he had no idea who the hell she was in the first place.

it bugged me too until I realized, wait a minute! He's a time traveler. For all she knows, he already knows her from her future. After all, he probably mentioned that he met her while he looked like that, but probably left out the more minor details. And he absolutely hates to give out spoilers, so of course he didn't say he wouldn't know who she was. So it's not all that entirely out there. If you think about it, it's perfectly plausible.

Please write and draw more soon?

I'd really love to see what you can do with the 11th Doctor. :)

I keep coming back and reading the entire run of these, it never fails to cheer me up and then make me sad that it's over again.

It's a shame you had to stop these, but this was genius and a pleasure to read from start to finish, for whatever that's worth.

Do you still art or write at things? Are you still alive?

Read the lot of this comic now. In one day. From the last page to the first.

I do things in the wrong order, I'm that sort of man.

I have to say that I feel more sympathy for, and like more, the Eleventh Doctor than I ever have before after reading the brilliant script and ogling the lovely artwork contained in this comic.

Well done on all of that and best of luck in whatever you two are doing now and in the future.


Aw, darn it. I was slowly reading the archives (pacing myself!) and the pictures went away.

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